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Trick to keep lettuce fresh

Keep lettuce fresh in the fridge by wrapping it in a clean, dry paper towel and storing lettuce and paper towel in a sealed bag in the fridge.

Trick for peeling ginger

Ginger can be tricky to peel with all its bumps and irregularities. Rather than using a paring knife or vegetable peeler, reach for the spoon. Scrape it against the skin and it’ll come right off, following every contour and minimizing waste.

Trick for disassembling a pomegranate

Disassemble a pomegranate in a bowl of water! Seeds sink and pulp floats.

Tip for using the water after boiling potatoes

After boiling pasta or potatoes, cool the water and use it to water your house plants, the water contains nutrients that your plants will love.

Tip to keep berries fresh longer

Briefly, soak berries in water with vinegar added to kill mold spores and keep berries fresh longer.

Trick to avoid bread go state

If your loaf of bread is starting to go stale, just put a piece of fresh celery in the bag and close it back up.

Trick to cut off extra fat from soups, sauces or casserole

When making a soup, sauce, or casserole that ends up too fatty or greasy, drop in an ice cube. The ice will attract the fat, which you can then scoop out.

Tip for making lemon tea

Never put lemon and milk in your tea, it curdles.

Way to clean electric kettle

To dean an electric kettle with calcium buildup on the heating element, boil a mixture of half white vinegar and half water, then empty.

Tip get rid fruit stains on your fingers

To get rid fruit stains on your fingers, rub them with a fresh, peeled potato or white vinegar.

Trick to avoid dulling the blade of your knife

To avoid dulling me matte or your knife, turn upside down before scraping items oil your cutting board.

Way to check spoiled egg

If an egg is spoiled, it will float in a bowl of water rather than sink.

How to turn your un-squeezy lemon juicy?

Save yourself the disappointment of an un-squeezy lemon by microwaving it whole for around 20 – 30 seconds on high. It’s just enough time to release the juices, but be careful not to go overboard and dry the flesh out.

Trick to clean a dirty coffee pot fast

Pour a handful of table salt into the dirty coffee pot. Use a dish towel or sponge to rub it around and on the stains. Rinse it clean.

Tip to moisturize dried coconuts

Moisturize dried coconut by adding a sprinkle of milk and letting it sit for 10 minutes.

How to avoid staining of plastic storage container?

Before storing any foods that can strain the storage container, spray with nonstick cooking spray.

Tip to retain the green color of peas

Add a pinch of sugar when boiling green peas to retain their green color.

Tip to make crispier French toast

Add a little cornflour to the egg mixture. Fresh toast would be crispier.

Tip to rehydrate sun-dried tomatoes

To rehydrate sun-dried tomatoes, soak them in hot water or stock for about 20 minutes.

Trick to clean messy blender fast and effortlessly

Add a cup of warm water and run for few seconds. Now add a drop of dishwashing detergent and another cup of water and run again. Let it sit for few seconds. Once done, rinse off clean.

Tip to prevent pulses from frothing

Add a teaspoon of oil when cooking pulses to prevent it from frothing and spilling all over. Another trick is to place a wooden ladle over the top of the pan to prevent water from boiling over.

Simple tip if your gravy ends up a bit oily

Add 2 teaspoon of chickpea flour or gram flour at the end of cooking. This will help in absorbing the excess oil and also thickens the sauce.

How to keep fresh herbs fresh?

Store fresh herbs in a glass of water in your refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Simple way to cut perfect shaped cookies

Before cutting cookie dough into shapes, dip cutters into flour. Once cut, lift cut-outs with a long, thin spatula, so that there’s less chance of distortion.

Trick for breaking coconut into two equal pieces

Wet the coconut and draw an imaginary line around the midriff of the coconut with your fingers and then try breaking it. You will be surprised to find the coconut in exact 2 halves. I follow this tip every time I break coconuts.

Trick for making crispy French fries like restaurant

First deep fry at a lower temperature until cooked. Once cooked remove it from the pan and place onto absorbent paper. Then turn on the heat to high and fry for a second time until golden brown. This will make your French fries crispier.

Tip for sautéing garlic

When sautéing garlic, use sliced garlic instead of minced to prevent burning.

Tip to keep berries fresh

Fill a container with 1 cup vinegar and 3 cups water and wash the berries in that mixture. Dry them completely with the help of paper towels. Store in a container lined with paper towels and open the lid a little to remove the moisture. This will keep the berries fresh for long.

Trick to preserve lemon juice

When you have excess lemons, freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays and use it whenever needed in your recipes. It stays good for 15 – 20 days.

Tip to keep basil fresh for long period of time

Keep your basil in water at room temperature with the stem. This way fresh basil will stay fresh for long period of time.

Way to add salt while cooking

Add salt at the very end of the cooking process to reduce the overall salt intake. Also, adding salt at the beginning dehydrates the vegetables and reduces its nutritional value.

How to make your soup more flavors?

Sauté the vegetables in oil or butter before adding water to it. This will caramelize the sugars and soup will come out more flavors.

Way to prevent egg yolk from breaking while poaching

When poaching an egg, add a teaspoon of white vinegar to simmering water to help keep the yolk from breaking.

Trick to make dairy free soup thick and delicious

Add 3 tablespoon homemade cashew cream to 1 cup soup and boil it for 3 to 4 minutes. This will make the soup more delicious and thick.

Way to get rid of gastric problem

Use a lot of garlic and asafoetida in recipes to avoid gastric problems.

Tip to add exotic flavor to your vegetables

Before using vegetables in your recipe, slightly roast them with little olive oil. It will make your vegetable recipe more exotic.

Way to prevent butter from over browning

To prevent butter from over-browning in your pan, add a little bit of lemon juice.

Simple tip to strengthen your savory dish

Add some fresh lime juice to your savory dish instead of using salt when it needs a little strength. This will strengthen the recipe in a healthy way.

Tip for using gram flour

Add a pinch of baking soda for any preparations using gram flour. This not makes the batter lighter but also is easier for digestion.

Tip to make oatmeal creamy while reheating

Add 3 to 4 tablespoon of milk to the oatmeal and reheat. This will make your oatmeal rich and creamy again.

Way to peel off tomatoes skin easily

Cut an X in the top, and then simmer in a pot of hot water for 15 to 30 seconds. Cool down and the skin will fall right off.

Tip to remove burnt aroma from rice

If you have accidentally burnt your rice, then place a slice of white bread on top of the rice for about 10 minutes. This would remove the burnt aroma from the rice.

Trick to check watermelon is ripe or not

When buying watermelon knock the outer surface. If it sounds hollow, then it is ripe.

Trick for substituting tamarind

Tamarind can be substituted with raw mango powder, lime juice, kokum etc. These are healthy alternatives.

How to prevent cutting board from sliding?

Place a wet towel napkin underneath the cutting board. This will prevent your cutting board from sliding while cutting.

How to make butter soften?

To soften butter faster, cut it into small pieces.

Trick to prevent ice cream from becoming rock hard

Store ice cream boxes in a plastic freezer bag and push out as much air inside the bag as you can before putting it in the freezer. This would prevent ice cream from becoming rock hard.

Trick to make crystallized honey melt again

Place the crystallized honey bottle in hot water till it melts fully. Warming process would make honey to stay melted for a long time.

How to clean a burnt vessel easily?

Add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the pan, and cover with some vinegar. Let it rest for about 1 hour. Your burnt food would come out easily. Clean with dishwashing liquid and baking soda.

Tip for adding fore oil while sautéing

If you find you need more oil in the pan when sautéing, add it in a stream along the edges of the pan so that by the time the oil reaches the ingredient being cooked, it will be heated.


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