6 Homemade Air Fresheners that will Make Your Home Smell Great

There’s something about a clean, fresh-smelling home that feels a little like heaven, but most of us also don’t want to go to town on harsh chemicals to keep it that way. Smelly shoes, teenagers, pets, bins – there are lots of things that can make your home smell a little strange. In the past few months, I have entirely converted from candles to reed diffusers when it comes to making my home smell spectacular. Not only does a good-smelling house feel cleaner, but the right aromas can also affect our moods and sense of calm. However, you don’t have to run to the store if you want to make sure your place is smelling great. These simple DIY projects are not only cheap, but they’ll leave your house smelling great in no time.

Scented Wood Blocks


Making scented wood blocks is easy. Just make sure you have: -Wood blocks -Scented oil or perfume -Small paint brushes by either painting or spraying it on, cover the wood blocks in the oil/perfume. After covering them, you can even put them in a closed container with extra oil. Shake it up to make sure they are coated. Let it sit in the oil overnight so that everything is absorbed. Then you’re done! You can even refresh your wood blocks over time by simply adding more oil to them.





Any non-porous container can be used to make a handy and decorative diffuser – try an old wine bottle or a ceramic vase with a narrow opening (the smaller the opening the longer it will take for the oils to evaporate). Fill your container about ¼ full with a 70/30 mixture of a base oil like almond or safflower and an essential oil like peppermint or eucalyptus, then just pop in your reeds or bamboo skewers.




A quick and easy way to mix up a batch of potpourri is to add a few drops of essential oil to your fixative, cover and set it aside for 3 – 5 days, so that the scent is completely infused. Then add your dry ingredients and stir everything together. Cover again and allow to steep for about 1 month. Check it occasionally, to make sure the scent is stronger enough for you. If not, add more oil. The scent can weaken if you’ve added a lot of ingredients. This method shows you how to make your potpourri entirely from scratch using things from your garden. You could get your kids involved and let them pick pretty flowers and leaves to include, and add extra essential oils if you want punchy scent. Try to use naturally scented potpourri while avoiding the synthetically blends ones with preservatives.


Oranges and Cinnamon in Water


Simmering water in a pot on your stove and then adding orange slices and a few tablespoons of cinnamon or cinnamon sticks. Turn off the heat and just let the pot sit on your stove; a delicious scent will emanate throughout your kitchen and into other rooms in your house.


Crock Pot Room Refresh


All experiences with the crock pot are easy and the one that follows is too. In your crock pot, you need to add 5 cups of water and one heaping tbsp. for each one of the cups to a total of 5 in this case. To this mixture, you can one of the followings: 2-3 tsp vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, cloves, one cinnamon stick, a sliced lime, lemon or a few drops of essential oils of choice. Take the lid off and let it run low as it will absorb the unwanted odors throughout the day replacing them with the extraordinary fragrance of choice.


Dried Lavender Air Freshener


Combine equal parts dried lavender buds and baking soda into a small jar, then shake well. Add 3 drops at a time (24 drops total) of lavender-scented essential oil, shaking after every 3 drops. Place the jar in any room and enjoy the heavenly smell that ensues. (You could also punch holes into a lid for a more subtle aroma if you choose.)




Homemade air fresheners have a form that responds to any setting, any space, with the desired scent and effect and they`re the result of a craft materialized in minutes with few ingredients, all natural, all non-toxic. These solutions have little to no costs and can easily bring forward the desired scent for your home, cast a glance! Try some of these tips when your house could use a little freshening. (And really, whose house doesn’t need that once in a while!?)

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